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Boulder County Democrats Platform Forum Part I


We the People Are!

Make Your Voice Heard!

February 20, 2010:

Communitywide Forum

Duane Physics G2B47, Colorado Ave,

Across from Folsom Field CU, Boulder

Morning session:

9:30-10:30 AM: The Economy

10:40-11:30 AM: Health Care

11:40 AM-12:30 PM: Healthy Democracy

Join Boulder County Democrats, elected officials, activists and professionals in the field in exploring currentissues of utmost import. Core Democratic Party values and key policy recommendations must be clearlydefined and voiced so that the will of the voter can be represented effectively by our elected Democraticofficials. Help us determine or 2010 BCDP Platform. Together we can empower the will of Democratic voters tohelp drive our state and federal legislative agenda.

For further information email: platform@bouldercountydems.org

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