VACANCY COMMITTEE: Saturday, Dec. 15, 9am!

Saturday, December 15, 9am, Sunset Middle School, 1300 S. Sunset St., Longmont

If you are a Precinct Leader that lives in Senate District 17, that means YOU are on the Vacancy Committee. Your service is needed in determining who will represent you!

WHY A VACANCY COMMITTEE? As per statute, when there is a vacancy — as there was one formed when State Senator Matt Jones (SD17) ran for and won the Boulder County Commissioner seat last month — the party from which the seat originated, in this case the Democratic Party, then calls a vacancy committee to vote on candidates to fill the seat. There is no proxy voting. The committee must meet quorum (50%). If it does not meet quorum, then Governor Hickenlooper appoints the replacement. But don’t allow that to happen: step up and have your vote counted!

You’ve most likely received calls from candidates for this vacancy, so your participation in this vote is critical. You will receive an email from the Boulder County Democratic Party, and an Official Call in the mail.

Vacancy Committees don’t come around that often. THANK YOU for doing your part, and for participating in our democracy!

Senate District 17: Encompasses all the precincts within Longmont city limits (Precincts 600-654). Senate District 17 also includes Precincts 200-215, 300-316, 400, 407-413. All precinct leaders from these precincts are asked to cast their vote for this vacancy! Senate District 17 map, here.

If you have any questions, please email us, here!

We’ll be sure to post any new developments as they become available.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR: Saturday, December 15, 9am, Sunset Middle School, 1300 S. Sunset St., Longmont