The Road to your 2024 Ballot(s)!

— The 2024 Colorado Presidential Primary,
Tuesday, March 5 —

This will be Colorado’s second Presidential Primary since 2020,
and it will be here before you know it!

Ballots arrive to you mid February.

Check your voter registration to make sure your address and affiliation is current at
(click “find my registration)

If you haven’t already, sign up for Ballot Track alerts so you know when your ballot is on its way to you and, once you’ve dropped it off or mailed it, when your ballot has been processed, here.

Days until the 2024 Colorado Presidential Primary, Tuesday, March 5:

— Caucus is the following SATURDAY, March 9, 2024 —

It is so important to show up for democracy in any and all ways, including CAUCUS — because it’s vitally important your voice is heard (including whether or not we should have caucus next time!).

If you are a Precinct Leader, THANK YOU, your work has kept Colorado BLUE, protected reproductive rights, secured democratic majorities, so that Colorado has made great advancements in law enforcement integrity, gun violence prevention and universal healthcare — just to name a few!

Look up your precinct leader, here.
If you find that you don’t have a precinct leader, contact the Area Coordinator listed and ask if you can help in October and November —
2 hours on any weekend before November 5 helps a LOT!

If you come to caucus, you’ll have a chance to meet your precinct leader, or might possibly consider becoming a co-precinct leader yourself? IT IS NOT AS HARD AS YOU THINK, especially when you have a partner — Boulder County Democratic Party has a broad network of energized volunteers, and can help you with your precinct! In fact, it’s FUN — a GREAT antidote to political toxicity — and very gratifying!

Days until the 2024 Caucus, Saturday, March 9:

— Colorado Primary TUESDAY, June 25, 2024 —

Tuesday, November 5, 2024 —