Support the Northwest Rail Corridor

“This is an important moment for the NW rail. There is a potential to use a portion of the local and multi-modal shares of the Transportation initiative that is being proposed for the 2018 ballot as seed money to leverage funding for our corridor.

The ballot initiative, if passed, is proposing to fund multi-modal projects throughout the state. Since we will be spending this tax money anyway, shouldn’t it be used for the transit you already want?

Positive movement has already been made in developing a lower cost operational plan for the NW corridor — the Peak Service startup plan. This service would provide 3 trains in the morning rush hour and 3 trains in the evening.

The FasTracks plan for the full buildout of 55 runs a day on the NW corridor was estimated to cost approximately $1.1–1.5 billion. On the other hand, the peak service construction costs per RTDs initial analysis will be approximately $300 million. The figure is attainable in the short run and we want it to become part of the focus of the local and multimodal shares of the initiative. 

Your voice needs to be heard on this issue. Please contact your local officails and county commissioners. Let them know what you want a portion of your local and multi-modal shares to be committed to funding the NW corridor Peak Service Plan.”


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