The Daily Lowdown

This page originally posted the daily debacles of the trump administration. As we are sure many of you have, we’ve come to realize that every day is more unbelievable than the last, pretty impossible to keep up with — and source. But we’ve found a great, daily accounting for you to use instead. We didn’t choose the name of the site, but we believe it is apt. You’ll find it here. — Editor’s note, 7/25/17


May 18: Rosenstein admits to knowing trump was going to fire Comey before writing “rationale” memo. Source. trump campaign had at least 18 undisclosed contacts with Russians. Source.

May 17: Former FBI Director Robert Mueller named special prosecutor in Russian investigation. Source.

May 16: Comey memo says trump asked him to drop Flynn investigation. Source. Chaffetz sends letter to FBI for documents request. Source.

May 15: “Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian foreign minister and ambassador” Source.  “…madness invites mutiny…” Source. Meanwhile, Coulter is still an idiot. Source.

May 14: The Army of the Idiots: “GOP Senators pull away from trump…” Source

May 13: Latest CBO report on trump (doesn’t) care would raise the number of uninsured Americans to 86 percent. Source.

May 12: trump tweets that Comey “better hope there are no tapes”. Source.

May 11: trump signs executive order launching commission to investigate voter “fraud”. (We ask, does that include what will pop up concerning voter suppression?)  Source. Kellyanne Conway is back to illicit eye rolls. Source. Source.

May 10: trump approval rating at near record low. Source.

May 9: trump fires Comey. Source. Sessions is part of decision to fire Comey even though he recused himself from Russian investigation hearings back in March. Source.

May 8: trump tweets about Yates prior to hearing. Source. Yates is a patriot who did her job. Source.

May 4: The Republican House passes the latest version of trumpcare. Source.

May 3: Conservative George Will — “Trump has a dangerous disability…” Source.

May 2: “Honored to meet Kim Jong Un…” Source.

April 28: Epic Duh — being president is harder than he expected. Source.

April 27: Pentagon inquiry into Flynn. Source.

April 26: trump announces tax “plan”. Source.

April 25: And another EO bites the dust. Source.

April 24: trump’s border wall is main obstacle to averting government shutdown. Source.

April 23: (sigh…) more trump tweets about elections results, polls and fake news… Source.

April 22: trump’s advisors — Source.

April 21: Now calls the 100 Day mark a “ridiculous standard”. Source.

April 20: Imagine waiting for an armada that never shows up. Source.

April 19: Not. Soon. Enough. : Bill O’Reilly fired. Source.

April 17: Tension escalates between the US and North Korea. Source.

April 16: trump tweets that the thousands of people who protested him on Tax Day were paid. Source.

April 15: trumps “armada” to North Korea was actually going to Australia. Source.

April 14: The White House will no longer voluntarily disclose its visitor logs. Source.

April 13: The “Mother of All Bombs” is dropped in Afghanistan. Source.

April 12: trump switches positions on NATO (“no longer obsolete”), the Federal Reserve, and China’s monetary policy. Source.

April 11: FISA warrant issued to monitor Carter Page in 2016. Source.

April 10: Neil Gorsuch is sworn into the Supreme Court. Source.

April 9: trump sends warships to North Korea. Source.

April 8: trump at Mar a Lago. Source.

April 7: Gorsuch is confirmed. Source.

April 6: Orders strike in Syria. Source.  Republicans invoke nuclear option to clear way for Gorsuch. Source.

April 5: Bannon, White House Chief Strategist, removed from National Security Council. Source.

April 4: After Syrian chemical attack, trump blames Obama. Source.

April 3: trump donates his first quarter salary ($78k) to the National Park Service, even though he promised $4ook and the NPS faces a $229 million shortfall due to trumpcuts. Source.

April 2: A judge rules that trump may have incited violence. Source.

April 1: trump tweets about widely debunked wiretapping claim…again. Source.

March 31: Walks out of Oval Office without signing executive orders (which is fine by us!). Source. Under trump’s own standards, White House is in deep legal trouble. Source.

March 30: Hawaii federal judge issues longer-lasting order against travel ban. Source.

March 29: trump tweethates the New York Times. Source.

March 28: Obliterates Obama’s environmental record. Source.

March 27: trump announces new White House Office of American Innovation, with son-in-law Kushner, as director. Source. Tweets “Russia story is a hoax.” Source.

March 26: Eighth weekend in a row that trump visited trump-branded property. Source.

March 25: trump’s tweets, and what he didn’t tweet about: Source.

March 24: Downer, Dude — republicans pull vote on ACA. Source. trumps authorizes construction of Keystone XL pipeline. Source.

March 23: More complete information from FBI investigation into trump campaign’s ties to Russian operatives. Source.

March 22: Nunes has press conference. Source. trump can’t let go of wiretapping claim. Source. Manafort worked to aid Putin. Source.

March 21: Nunes infamously “switches cars”. Source. Stone under FBI Scrutiny. Source. trump administration no-show at hearings on human rights. Source. trump issues laptop ban on flights from Middle Eastern countries. Source.

March 20: FBI Director James Comey confirmed for the first time that the bureau is investigating possible ties between Republican Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and Russia as Moscow sought to influence the 2016 U.S. election. Source. A bad day for trump on twitter.

March 19: Stone is asked to preserve Russia-related documents. Source.

March 18: Hypocritical Golf. Source. trump approval rating at 37%. Gallup.

March 17: During joint press conference (and after awkward handshake refusal) with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, trump stands by wire-tapping accusation. Source.

March 16: trump releases budget. Source.  Source.  Source.

March 15: A second Federal judge blocks travel ban. Source.

March 14: A portion of trump’s 2015 tax returns are leaked. Source.

March 13: Congressional Budget Office releases report on GOP Healthcare Bill…and it isn’t good. Source.

March 12: “…Obama was manipulating jobs data…” Source.

March 11: trump tweets, “We are making great progress with healthcare. ObamaCare is imploding and will only get worse. Republicans coming together to get job done!” Source.

March 10: trump abruptly orders 46 Obama-era prosecutors to resign. Source. Federal judge in Wisconsin blocks enforcement of revised travel ban. Source.

March 9: Trump tweets, “Despite what you hear in the press, healthcare is coming along great. We are talking to many groups and it will end in a beautiful picture!” Source. 

March 8: With no irony, trump tweets “I have tremendous respect for women…”  Source.  (Millions of women collectively taste barf in their mouths.)

March 7: Incorrectly blames Obama for releasing 122 “vicious prisoners” from Guantanamo. Source.

March 6: Trump issues another Muslim ban. Source.

March 5: Wiretap tweets described as “reckless”. Source.

March 4: Trump claims President Obama wire tapped Trump Tower. Source. trump tweets, “How low has President Obama gone to tapp my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy!”

March 3: Trump alleges ties between Putin and Schumer, Pelosi (Deflect much?). Source.

March 2: GOP Oversight of Trump Worse than Watergate.

March 1: Sessions lied about meeting with Russian Envoy twice last year. SourceTrump’s 10 Steps for Turning Lies into Truths

February 28: Trump “addresses” Congress. Full of lies, nationalism, veiled bigotry, — same song, second verse. Source. Source.

February 26: Tweeting, not golfing. Source.

February 25: Tweets — Will not participate in White House Correspondents Dinner. Still obsessing about crowd size. Source.

February 24: White House bars journalists from press briefing. Source. 701 incidents of hateful harassment since 2016 Election. Source.

February 23: Nearly 6 in 10 don’t think trump understands complicated problems a president faces. Source.

February 22: Lifts Obama-era transgender protections. Source. “…of the People” doesn’t just mean “…of the Republicans”…Source. EPA Chief Pruitt arm in arm with industry. Source.

February 21: Homeland Security Secretary gets more aggressive with undocumented residents. Source. Hired by Steve “Media Should Keep Its Mouth Shut” trump chief strategist Bannon — after child sex storm, Simon & Shuster pulling publication of book, and CPAC invitation revoked, Milo Yiannopoulos resigns from Breitbart. Source. Federal hiring freeze forces suspension of military childcare programs. Source.

February 20: After Harward turns down the job, McMaster is appointed to NSA. Source. Edward Price, former CIA analyst posts why he quit under trump: Source.

February 19: Golf hypocrisy. Source.

February 18: An “Apprentice”, not a President. NYT Editorial.

February 17: The fall of Conway. Source.

February 16: Conducts a 76-minute unhinged press conference. Source. Lies about meeting with Representative John Lewis. Source.

February 15: Secretary of Labor nominee Andrew Puzder withdraws. Source.

February 14: Trump knew for weeks that Flynn had not been truthful. Source. “Our government continues to be in unbelievable turmoil.” Source.

February 13: Banker Mnuchin is confirmed as treasury secretary. Source. Michael Flynn resigns after reports he misled Trump administration officials about his contacts with Russia’s ambassador to the U.S. Source.

February 12: Despotic declaration from Trump senior advisor Stephen Miller, “the president’s power will not be questioned.” Source.

February 11: Drops protection of transgender students. Source.

February 10: Revealed that national security advisor Mike Flynn discussed US sanctions with Russia during the election. SourceSource.

February 8: Senate Republicans are seen as weak and face backlash after McConnell silences Warren. Source.

February 7: Calls advisor at 3am, asking whether a strong dollar or a weak dollar is a good thing. Source. Betsy DeVos is confirmed as Education Secretary, but only after VP Pence is called in for a first time in history tie breaker to the 50-50 Senate vote. Source. Botches murder rate, saying it’s “the highest in 47 years”. Source.

February 5: Trump was not briefed on executive order he signed that put Steve Bannon on the National Security Council. Source.

February 4: Federal Judge halts Muslim Ban. Source.

February 3:  Approval ratings at 44% — the lowest of any newly elected US President in the history of polling. Source.

February 1: Hangs up on Australian Prime Minister Turnbull. Source.

January 31: Nominates Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Source.

January 30: Fires acting Attorney General Sally Yates. Source.

January 27: Muslim Ban. Source.

January 26: Approves Yemen Raid over dinner. Source.

January 25: Signs Executive Order for border wall. Source. Targets sanctuary cities. Source.

January 24: Tweets the Carnage Tweet. Source. Nikki Haley confirmed as UN Ambassador. Source.  Greenlit the Dakota Access and Keystone pipelines. Source.

January 23: At CIA visit, Trump filled first three rows with cheering supporters. Source. Reinstated the anti-abortion global “gag rule”. Source. Froze federal hires. Source.

January 22: Exaggerates Inaugural crowd size. Source.

January 20: Started dismantling the Affordable Care Act. Source.