Resolution 123

On December 13, 2016, with a 4-3 vote (Christensen, Coombs, Moore, and Peck for, Bagley, Finley, and Santos against — there is a City Council election in 2017.), Longmont City Council approved Resolution 123: “To affirm our constitutional rights and the rights granted by amendments to the constitution; and
To confirm our community values as a safe, healthy, respectful and welcoming community with fair opportunities for all residents to live, work and play in Longmont; and to state that we are not a city ruled by fear; and we will not stand for bullying, threats, violence or bigotry.
Furthermore, the people of Longmont stand together to protect and respect each other, no matter what our difference; and we celebrate our rich and abundant diversity, as well as take pride in our strength together.
The Council repeals all resolutions or parts of resolutions in conflict with this resolution, but only to the extent of such inconsistency.”
Watch video of meeting here.