Let’s send Cory back to Yuma, shall we?

NOTE: Longmont Area Democrats Response to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee 2020 Democratic Senate Candidate Endorsement, here.

CANDIDATE FORUM VIDEO: On January 26, 2020, Longmont Latinx Voice presented a 2020 Colorado Democratic Candidates Town Hall & Forum. ALL US Senate candidates were present. See the video here.

See all websites and contact info for current candidates below:

for US SENATE* — 

hickenlooper.com | facebook: Hickenlooper for Senate | twitter: @Hickenlooper

andrewromanoff.com | email: contact@andrewromanoff.com
facebook: Andrew Romanoff | twitter: @Romanoff2020

*This list was updated 5/5/2020.

Colorado Sun, 5/5/20, “Colorado Supreme Court removes…”, here.

If you are from a candidate’s campaign, and have corrections,  more contact information to share, or campaign events that could be added to our blast list, please email us at longmontareadems@gmail.com  

Longmont Area Democrats does not publicly endorse any candidate in a non partisan race (city council), or any Democratic candidate in the primary phase of any election. We do advocate for folks to be informed about their ballot, to vote in every election, and to vote the whole ballot. We will update this list and future lists about the candidates running. Our primary objective is to elect Democrats and progressives in city, county, boards & commissions, state legislature, state, US Senate, US Congressional, and US Presidential offices — wherever possible.