Your Nov. 3, 2020 Ballot


PLEASE ATTEND the September 2 AND October 7 LAD meetings, via Zoom — 6:30pm each night — where we will cover all the CANDIDATES & BALLOT ISSUES on your 2020 BALLOT! Email us for the zoom link, here. After our meetings, we will post all the info here, or under our resources widget.

BALLOT BASICS: Boulder County will start mailing ballots to voters on October 9. DO NOT MAIL your ballot, DROP it in a ballot drop box. (Be sure to seal and sign the ballot envelope) The main ballot drop box for Longmont is at 6th & Coffman. There is a 24 hour drop box on the SW corner. And, if you walk to the middle of the block on Coffman, enter the main doors, you can personally drop your ballot in the locked ballot box. Wear a mask, practice safe social distancing — and get an “I Voted” sticker before you leave. (Wear the sticker to remind others to vote)

GOTV: START AT HOME, THEN WORK YOUR WAY OUT — all the way to Nov. 3! OF COURSE we’re voting for Joe and Kamala but it would be awful to leave ANY part of your ballot blank. When you do, someone else WILL choose for you! SO?:
MAKE A PLAN. What will you be doing besides voting & voting your entire ballot BLUE, in the days before Nov. 3?
1. Cover the basics. Check your voter registration often here, bookmark the Boulder County Elections website here. and sign up for Ballot Track, here.. Share this information with family and friends!
2. NEXT: Get to know every part of YOUR ballot. There’s time to do that NOW. (the September and October LAD meetings will be extremely helpful! The BCDP Voter Guide will be your trusted source for everything about voting, including ballot recommendations. Sign up for BCDP Voter Guide Alerts, here.) Support every Democratic candidate on your ballot in any way that you can!
3. THEN, work your way OUT. Always remember to share what you’ve learned with family and friends. How about a Ballot Zoom Party with ballots, and your BCDP Voter Guide? Check with friends and family in other Colorado counties and other states — do they know their ballot as well as you know yours? Urge them to contact THEIR county democratic parties. (we’re quite spoiled with the BCDP here in Boulder County!)
4. NEXT, Contact your precinct leader, here. They live in your neighborhood, and they might need your help. The BCDPs GOTV plan is covered below, and includes a massive texting and calling effort. Voters are more likely to welcome calls or texts from folks who live in their town or neighborhood. 
5. NEXT, research all the congressional races in Colorado seeking to unseat republicans, starting with ours here in the 4th — Ike McCorkle: There’s also Diane Mitsch Bush in CD(whose challenger is “Q Curious” — and has been arrested 4 times!) and Jillian Freeland in CD5, who is hoping to unseat Doug Lamborn. Follow them all on social media and support them anyway you can!
6. Finally, take advantage of all the available national groups to help other states go blue and join you in supporting Joe and Kamala. Take what you’ve learned so far and use it to help voters in other states, like reminding them, “vote your whole ballot blue!” There are postcard projects with Blue Wave and Vote Forward. Check out state strategy groups like Progressive Turnout Project, Swing Left, or you can “adopt a state” through Vote Save America. And Stacey Abrams’ Fair Fight is all about voter protection.