Indivisi-Bill Statewide Action

Indivisible Colorado has come up with 20 Bills that they will make part of their statewide action for 2021. All of these bills are presently winding their way through the legislature. The form below will include Indivisible’s Bills for Action, with a brief description and a link to the Colorado General Assembly website, for more detail. Please fill out the first page with your name, and an email you’d like the alerts sent to.  For the Indivisible Group, you can list “Longmont Area Democrats”.

Then, for each bill, you’ll be given a choice: “Yes – Organize Statewide Action”, “No – But Include on Endorsement List”, or “No – Do Not Endorse/Act”. Then later, you’ll be asked to select priority (1st through 5th) on Future Endorsement/Action Options.

Click the link below to complete the survey, and sign up for Action Alerts:

2021 Colorado Indivisi-Bill Survey

Here are Indivisible’s Bills for Action:

HB21-1011: Multi-Lingual Ballots The bill requires the secretary of state (secretary) and county clerk and recorders (county clerk) of certain counties to provide multilingual ballot access.

HB21-1047: County District Gerrymandering The bill establishes the process used by county commissioner redistricting commissions (commissions) to divide counties that have any number of their county commissioners not elected by the voters of the whole county into county commissioner districts.

HB21-1057: Extortion of Immigrants Conducting Legal Acts The bill adds to that version of criminal extortion a prohibition against threatening to report a person’s immigration status to law enforcement to induce the threatened person to perform an act or refrain from performing a lawful act.

SB21-087: Agricultural Workers Rights The bill grants agricultural workers the same labor laws and rights currently afforded to other labor forces in Colorado by removing special treatment provisions, such as exemption from minimum wage laws.

HB21-1109: Broadband Board Changes To Expand Broadband Service The bill proposes changes to the broadband deployment board that will promote expansion of broadband services throughout the state.

HB21-1071: RCV in Non-Partisan Elections The bill allows a municipality to refer a municipal election using instant runoff voting to be conducted as part of a coordinated election.

HB21-1075: Replace Term “Illegal Alien” The bill replaces the term “illegal alien” with “worker without authorization” as it relates to public contracts for services.

HB21-1106: Firearm Safe Storage The bill requires that firearms be responsibly and securely stored when they are not in use to prevent access by unsupervised juveniles and other unauthorized users.

HB21-1068: Insurance Coverage for Mental Health Exams The bill adds a requirement, as part of mandatory health insurance coverage of preventive health care services, that health plans cover an annual mental health wellness examination of up to 60 minutes that is performed by a qualified mental health care provider.

HB21-1060: U Visa Certification Requirements This bill concerns the certification process for U visas for crime victims.

SB21-078: Mandatory Reporting of Lost Firearms The bill requires an individual who owns a firearm to report the loss or theft of that firearm to a law enforcement agency within 5 days after discovering that the firearm was lost or stolen.

SB21-029: In-State Tuition for First Nation The bill requires a state institution of higher education (institution) to offer in-state tuition classification to students who would not otherwise qualify for in-state tuition if the student is a member of an American Indian tribe with historical ties to Colorado.

SB21-062: Jail Population Management Tools This bill provides peace officers more discretion to issue a summons or complaint rather than immediate rest for various offenses and prohibits arrest for certain low-level offenses.

SB21-173: Rights in Residential Lease Agreements The bill addresses certain items related to landlord and tenant rights in residential rental agreements.

HB21-1117: Local Government Authority to Promote Affordable Housing The bill clarifies that the existing authority of cities and counties to plan for and regulate the use of land includes the authority to regulate development or redevelopment in order to promote the construction of new affordable housing units.

HB21-1162: Management of Plastic Products Repeals prohibitions on the municipal banning of certain plastic materials or products and will establish statewide ban on single-use plastic shopping bags.

HB21-1181: Agricultural Soil Health Program The bill creates the Colorado soil health program in the department of agriculture (department).

HB21-1194: Immigration Legal Defense Fund The bill creates the immigration legal defense fund (fund).

HB21-1211: Restrictive Housing in Jails The bill prohibits a local jail with a bed capacity of over 400 beds from involuntarily placing an individual in restrictive housing if the individual meets certain conditions.

HB21-1232: Standardized Health Benefit Plan Colorado Option The bill requires the commissioner of insurance (commissioner) in the department of regulatory agencies to establish a standardized health benefit plan (standardized plan) by rule to be offered by health insurance carriers (carriers) in the individual and small group markets.