Tonight’s ACTION items:

Support HB18-1436, the Deputy Zackari Parrish Violence Protection Act

Session Ends NEXT WEEK (May 9)!

Track Bill — PASSED through House  Judiciary Tuesday. BUT, will have a harder go of it in the Senate. 

(To track the bill, go to: leg.colorado.gov > click the 3 lines in upper right > click “Bills”, then pull down to “Find a Bill” type in “HB18-1436. Scroll down to committee to find members.)

State Representative Cole Wist (HD37 – Arapahoe), Republican co-sponsor of the bill, has now been “denounced as a traitor, threatened with demotion, and stripped of his seat on a legislative committee”…” branded a ‘mole’ and hauled into an emergency meeting with his GOP colleagues. The House Minority Leader replaced him on the Judiciary Committee the next day.”

This is what happens when a Republican tries to do the right thing — so let’s show our support:


1. Senate President Kevin Grantham (R-SD2)


(Ask him to please support HB18-1436. Here is some sample text:

HB18-1436 would allow law enforcement officers to remove guns temporarily from the homes of individuals who pose a significant danger to themselves or others. This is a common sense bill that everyone, including sheriffs and police chiefs, can get behind. )

2. State Representative Cole Wist (R-HD37):


(Thank him for doing the right thing)

3. State Representative Alec Garnett (D- HD2):


(Thank him for co-sponsoring this important bill.)