CLEAN Resources

NOTE: CLEAN (Community Legislative Early Action Network) is active during the Colorado Legislative Session, which usually runs from January until early May. If you’d like to sign up for CLEAN, please send an email to with “Put me on the CLEAN list” in the subject line, thanks!


Colorado General Assembly website:

To watch Senate and House proceedings live — not committee hearings (see link, below) — this will be work, testimony by legislators, and votes on the Colorado House and Senate floors, or after they’ve occurred:
Go to and click the “Watch & Listen” tab at the top of the website home page. This portal will take you to the Colorado Channel on youtube. Once posted on the Colorado Channel on youtube, videos will be named by “Colorado House…” or “Colorado Senate…”, the year of session (“2021”, for example), and by the Legislative “day” within that session.

It’s a good idea to go ahead and subscribe (also click the notifications bell) to the Colorado Channel on youtube.

If you have trouble signing up to testify or submit written testimony, please email
or call 303.866.3521

Link for Remote Testimony Video:

Monitor committee proceedings:

Glossary of Legislative Terms