Biden Delivers!

COMBAT the “Prevailing Narrative”! Because:

INTRODUCED AT LAD’s February meeting by LAD Board Member Annie Colvin, “Biden Delivers”, points you to all sorts of resources, covering the astounding progress that the Biden Administration has made — in only 3 years!
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…”form of Navalny”?…:

The Biden-Harris Record

At the February meeting, Annie walked attendees through the Biden Administration’s impressive Investing in America interactive map, where you can see the thousands of projects going on right now all across America. Then, you can select Colorado and see where these investments improve our quality of life, right here in Colorado, right here in Boulder County...right here in Longmont!:

Check out the Investing in America Interactive Map

AND this downloadable pdf of Colorado projects!:



Inflation Reduction Act Guidebook 

American Rescue Plan

CHIPS and Science Act

Biden Delivers Resource Links: Blogger Tokyo Sand does a weekly recap, with an inspiring “Good News” segment released regularly.  Sign up for her emails, or any one, or all of her social media accounts: Twitter at @dhstokyo, on Instagram at @dhstokyo, on TikTok at @dhstokyo, and at Facebook at PoliticalCharge


Politics Girl, Leigh McGowan, is all over social media, and she has a youtube channel She does short videos, called “Rants” Here’s a recent Rant:

Democracy Docket & Marc Elias also has a youtube channel He regularly interviews democratic superstars like US Rep. Crockett, here:

Seth Meyers A Closer Look every night at the top of his talk show, but they post it on youtube earlier in the afternoon every day as well.

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