2024 Bills that CLEAN is Tracking…

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SB24-001 Continue Youth Mental Health Service Program

SB24-003 Colorado Bureau of Investigation Authority to Investigate Firearms

SB24-005 Prohibit Landscaping Practices for Water Conservation

SB24-009 Local Government Disaster-Related Programs

SB24-022 Regulate Flavored Tobacco Products

SB24-029 Study Metrics to Measure Criminal Justice System Success

SB24-032 Methods to Increase the Use of Transit

SB24-034 Increase Access to School-Based Health Care

SB24-037 Study Green Infrastructure for Water Quality Management

SB24-039  Nuclear Energy as Clean Energy Resource

SB24-047 Prevention of Substance Use Disorders

SB24-049 Content of Materials in Libraries

SB24-053 Racial Equity Study-Concerning an evaluation of racial equity for Black Coloradans

SB24-057 Agricultural Workforce & Suicide Prevention

SB24-066 Firearms Merchant Category Code

SB24-067 Health-Related Research Test Subjects

SB24-077 Prescription Drug Manufacturer Requirements

SB24-080 Transparency in Health-Care Coverage

SB24-107 Weapons Possession Previous Offender Add Crimes

SB24-115 Mental Health Professionals Practice Requirements


HB24-1006 Assist Rural Community Wildfire-Related Grant Application

HB24-1010 Insurance Coverage for Provider-Administered Drugs

HB24-1011 Mortgage Servicers Disburse Insurance Proceeds

HB24-1012 Front Range Passenger Rail District Efficiency

HB24-1024  Extend Outreach Campaigns Wildfire Risk Mitigation

HB24-1033 Emergency Management Plan Individual with Animals

HB24-1034 Adult Competency to Stand Trial

HB24-1037 Substance Use Harm Reduction

HB24-1040 Gender-Affirming Health-Care Provider Study

HB24-1049 School Mental Health Professional Loan Repayment Program

HB24-1150 False Slates of Electors

HB24-1054 Jail Standards Commission Recommendations

HB24-1067 Ballot Access for Candidates with Disabilities

HB24-1075 Analysis of Universal Health-Care Payment System

HB24-1079 Persons Detained in Jail on Emergency Commitment

HB24-1081 Regulate Sale Transfer Sodium Nitrite

HB24-1087 Professional Endorsement Special Education Teaching

HB24-1091 Fire-Hardened Building Materials in Real Property

HB24- 1095 Increasing Protections for Minor Workers

HB24-1096 School Psychologist Licensure Interstate Compact

HB24-1098 Cause Required for Eviction of Residential Tenants

HB24-1103 Prohibiting Term Excited Delirium

HB24-1113 Credit for Paid Health Insurance Deductible

HB24-1115 Prescription Drug Label Accessibility

HB24-1123 Funding for School Safety Firearm Detection Systems

HB24-1150 False Slates of Electors

HB24-1178 Local Government Authority to Regulate Pesticides