2/28/23 Senate Judiciary Hearing on Equal Rights Amendment SJR 4 List of Video Timestamps

(Timestamps are approximate)
16:40 Gavel, Senator Dick Durbin, Chair, D, IL
25:00 Senator Lindsay Graham, R, SC
26:55 Senator Ben Cardin, D, MD
30:41 Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith, R, MS
35:50 Senator Lisa Murkowski, R, AK
47:00 Lieutenant Governor Juliana Stratton, IL
52:00 Jennifer C. Braceras from Independent Women’s Law Center
58:00 Thursday Williams, Student, ERA Coalition Board Member
1:05:00 Elizabeth Price Foley, Professor of Law, Florida International University Collego Law, Miami, FL
1:11:00 Kathleen M. Sullivan, Senior Counsel, Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP, Los Angeles, CA
1:29:00 Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, D, RI
1:35:00 Senator Chuck Grassley, R, IA
1:40:09 Senator Amy Klobuchar, D, MN
1:41:00 Stratton
1:42:00 Klobucar asks Sullivan
1:44:00 Williams
1:51:42 Senator Blumenthal, D, CT
1:54:00 Williams
1:56:00 Senator Mazie Hirono, D, HI
1:57:30 Sullivan: “…Parade of Horribles…”
2:01:00 Sullivan
2:04:00 (about Welch)
02:05:48 Sullivan: “…it will strengthen protections for women, but it will not weaken protections already in place.”
2:07:00 Senator Ted Cruz, R, TX
2:13:40 Senator Jon Ossoff, D, GA
2:14:50 Sullivan
2:18:30 Ossoff closing
2:19:00 Durbin
2:22:00 Senator Alex Padilla, D, CA
2:24:25 Stratton: “…the ERA will REMOVE AMBIGUITY. Yes progress has been made, but we must PROTECT the progress that has been made”
2:25:35 Padilla
2:26:01 Sullivan: “The ERA will guarantee EQUALITY. Of course there will be debates, but women will not be treated as LESSER human beings. Republicans like two things: they like to read the text — Article V says nothing about deadlines. They like states rights: then let Nevada, Illinois and Virginia usher in the new age of equality.”
(Padilla closes by thanking everyone and ends hearing)