Thanks to all who attended! Resource Doc link, below!


RESOURCE DOCUMENT for March 1, 2023 LAD Meeting (includes youtube link), here.

Our March 1, 2023 LAD MEETING — Juvenile Justice Reform, Restorative Justice & Diversion, Wednesday, March 1, 6:30pm, via zoom. With an update on the justice system. This meeting brought to you in partnership with the Boulder County Democratic Party (BCDP) and the BCDPs Outreach & Inclusion Team: Boulder County diverts more than 200 juvenile cases a year, or more than half of all juvenile cases, and recidivism rates are consistently less than 10% — even for felony-level crimes. Boulder County District Attorney Michael Dougherty and Elaina Shively, Director of the Center for Prevention and Restorative Justice, will speak on how their office makes this possible. A visionary approach that tells us empathy and accountability can exist in the same space, with positive results for the future of our Boulder County community.

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