LAD Meeting: Thanks for attending!


TONIGHT’S LAD MEETING: Defend, Promote, DO Democracy: Defending Public Education and Our Frontline Public Servants! Wednesday, April 6, 6:30pm, via zoom. Last month we gave you an overview of caucus, a CLEAN spotlight, and a first look at 2022 candidates…

TONIGHT: You’ve seen the attacks on our school boards and unions (not just teachers unions!), the villifying of teachers, the hyperbolic assault on CRT, the hysteria around school gender equity guidelines — as well as book banning! We’ll give you context — the history of using school boards to push extremist agendas, and a look at how orchestrated this movement is, naming the dark money groups to put on your radar. We’ll give you immediacy — you’ll hear from exciting and effective public servants on the frontlines, a parent, a teacher, a nurse, and a union organizer — we’ll talk about recent WINS in workplace democracy. And as always, we’ll suggest ACTIONS you can take to further protect our democracy.

SO JOIN US, and please tell a friend! TONIGHT, Wednesday, April 6, 6:30pm, via zoom.

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