HB22-1279 The Reproductive Health Equity Act

HB22-1279: The Reproductive Health Equity Act will ensure every individual has the fundamental right to choose or refuse contraception; every individual who becomes pregnant has a fundamental right to choose to continue a pregnancy and give birth or to have an abortion; and a fertilized egg, embryo, or fetus does not have independent rights under the laws of Colorado. PASSED. Will now go to the Governor’s desk to be signed into law.

FIND: Bill language, votes, amendments, progress, here.

READ Opinion: If Roe is to fall, Colorado needs to codify an affirmative right to abortion We were an early leader in the movement, but we can’t count on that in a post-Roe era, more here.

READ: Cobalt press release, here.

WATCH: Riveting remarks from bill sponsors —
March 14, right before the House vote, State Rep. Esgar’s remarks, followed by Rep. Froelich
(two of the three prime sponsors of HB22-1279) State Rep. Herod is earlier in the clip, here.

The measured fury of Senators Fields and Buckner, the evening before the final Senate vote, here.

Senators Danielson, Pettersen, Fields, Jaquez Lewis…and one of the bill’s prime sponsors, Senator Julie Gonzales, here.

Three prime sponsors: State Rep’s Meg Froelich and Daneya Esgar, and State Senator Julie Gonzales.

Rep. Meg Froelich | HD3 | Democrat | 303-866-2921 | meg.froelich.house@state.co.us
Rep. Daneya Esgar | HD46 | Democrat | 303-866-2968 | daneya.esgar.house@state.co.us
Senator Julie Gonzales | SD34 | Democrat | 303-866-4862 | julie.gonzales.senate@state.co.us

Emails grouped together: meg.froelich.house@state.co.us, daneya.esgar.house@state.co.us, julie.gonzales.senate@state.co.us

And many others signed on as sponsors:
HOUSE SPONSORSHIP — Froelich and Esgar, Amabile, Bacon, Benavidez, Bernett, Bird, Boesenecker, Caraveo, Cutter, Daugherty, Duran, Exum, Garnett, Gonzales-Gutierrez, Gray, Herod, Hooton, Jodeh, Kennedy, Kipp, Lindsay, Lontine, McCluskie, McCormick, McLachlan, Michaelson Jenet, Mullica, Ortiz, Ricks, Roberts, Sirota, Snyder, Sullivan, Tipper, Titone, Valdez A., Weissman, Woodrow, Young, Valdez D.
SENATE SPONSORSHIP — Gonzales, Bridges, Buckner, Coleman, Daniel son, Fenberg, Fields, Ginal, Hansen, Hinrichsen, Jaquez Lewis, Kolker, Lee, Pettersen, Rodriguez, Story, Winter, Zenzinger, Donovan, Moreno

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