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OUR NEXT LAD MEETING — The “Dirt” on Soil Regeneration, Wednesday, September 1, 6:30pm, via zoom. One of the simplest, and most immediately impactful ways to fight climate change is to regenerate soil.

Did you know that we could completely negate all current CO2 emissions by putting carbon (organic matter) BACK INTO each acre of farmland — even if by relatively small increments (.4%, per year)?

With a full one third of our top soil in the world damaged — it’s called desertification (or, top soil turning to dust) — the time is NOW to regenerate soil, and it’s happening LOCALLY! We’ll have Mark and Kena Guttridge from Ollin Farms, who will tell us about Project 95, as well as how YOU can be on the forefront of literally changing the world with your own garden!

We’ll have plenty of time built in for questions from YOU.

So please…join us for the NEXT LAD Meeting: The Dirt on Soil Regeneration, THIS Wednesday, September 1, 6:30pm.

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