Take Action on these 3 Bills!

TAKE ACTION on SB21-200: Urge State Senate leadership to take the bill to a vote on the Senate Floor!
Senator Rhonda Fields: “Vote for SB200 for environmental justice”. By phone: 303-866-4879 (preferred). By email: rhonda.fields.senate@state.co.us

Senator Chris Kolker: “Vote for SB200 to create jobs in the clean energy industry and tourism”. By phone: 303-866-4883 (preferred). By email: chris.kolker.senate@state.co.us

Senator Robert Rodriguez: “Vote for SB200 to create jobs in the clean energy and tourism industry”. Need to hear from non-environm ental voices in the community. By phone: 303-866-4852 (preferred). By email: robert.rodriguez.senate@state.co.us

Senate Majority Leader Steve Fenberg: “Thank you for being a climate champion and leader, please use your influence to secure passage of SB200 in the Senate”. Need to hear from everybody in Boulder. By phone: 303-866-4872 (preferred). By email: stephen.fenberg.senate@state.co.us

DAILY: Call the Governor’s Office at 303-866-2471 during business hours and ask the Governor to support SB-200 and sign it into law.

SIGN UP for Daily Action Updates from Jonathan Singer at: jonathan.singer@gmail.com

SOCIAL MEDIA: make posts that reference the Governor, your state legislators, SB-200, and the hashtag #NoSB200veto on twitter, facebook and instagram.

MEDIA TO SHARE: Handout, here. Handout, here.SB200 Flyer, here.
ABOUT SB21-200, here. House & Senate floor & committee updates, here.

THE BILL WILL BE HEARD: in the House State Veterans & Military Affairs Committee on June 3.
Contact Committee members and urge their support!:

State Representative Chris Kennedy, Chair (D): chris.kennedy.house@state.co.us | 303-866-2951
State Representative Steven Woodrow, Vice Chair (D): steven.woodrow.house@state.co.us | 303-866-2967
State Representative Judy Amabile (D): judy.amabile.house@state.co.us | 303-866-2578
State Representative Jennifer Bacon (D): jennifer.bacon.house@state.co.us | 303-866-2909
State Representative Tracey Bernett (D): tracey.bernett.house@state.co.us  | 303-866-2920
State Representative Rod Bockenfeld (R): rod.bockenfeld.house@state.co.us
| 303-866-2912
State Representative Monica Duran (D): monica.duran.house@state.co.us  | 303-866-5522
State Representative Ron Hanks (R): Ron.Hanks.house@state.co.us  | 303-866-2747
State Representative Patrick Neville (R): patrick.neville.house@state.co.us | 303-866-2948
State Representative Alex Valdez (D): alex.valdez.house@state.co.us | 303-866-2925
State Representative Dave Williams (R): dave.williams.house@state.co.us | 303-866-5525

CHECK the status of SB21-087, here.

House & Senate floor & committee updates, here.

CONTACT State Representative Karen McCormick, HD11 (Longmont) and thank her for her sponsorship of the bill: 303-866-2780. Email: karen.mccormick.house@state.co.us

ABOUT the bill, here.


AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, this urgent call from State Rep. Judy Amabile (HD13 Boulder County): After PASSING THROUGH the HOUSE & SENATE, HB21-1211, Regulations of Restrictive Housing in Jails, is UNDER THREAT OF VETO By the GOVERNOR. The bill puts humane restrictions on the use of solitary confinement in large county jails. Fact sheet, here. Op Ed, here.

CSOC (County Sheriffs of Colorado) is asking Governor Polis to Veto HB21-1211. The reason for not wanting to comply is that it will cost money. The bill was heavily amended to make it easier for the jails to implement. It passed both the House and the Senate with large margins.

Please reach out to the Governor and tell him you don’t want this bill vetoed. Ask him how much money our loved ones’ lives are worth. Solitary confinement is tantamount to torture for people with serious mental illness. Having a mental illness is not a crime, and of course our loved ones should be in hospitals and not jails. They shouldn’t be subject to cruel and unusual punishment.

EMAIL GOVERNOR POLIS, HERE: Governorpolis@state.co.us
ABOUT HB21-1211,

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