LAD Meeting, Wednesday, March 3, 6:30pm!

THANKS to the 53 folks who attended, and to our presenters!  All presentation materials from the meeting can be found under the “resources” widget to the left, thanks!

YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS OUR MEETING THIS WEDNESDAY, as we welcome Sonia Marquez and Angel Sanchez, Longmont activists and BCDP Outreach & Inclusion Directors, who will talk about their vital roles in getting out the vote, the honest conversations they’ve had with our Latinx community, and how the feedback they received fuels their ongoing engagement. That engagement matters to all of us.

Sonia and Angel also serve on an immigration task force with Congressman Joe Neguse, directly participating in the process and receiving updates on the inspiring work in congress Rep. Neguse is already doing. Sonia and Angel’s engagement experience teaches us so much about a community constantly let down by those in Washington, and sadly, some of our own local elected leaders. But they inspire us with their methods and their tireless, principled determination. They’ll share what WE CAN DO to urge bold policies from our elected Democrats, that truly lift our vital immigrant and Latinx communities — and OUR NATION AS A WHOLE.

THIS IS A CRITICAL MOMENT. We must not squander this grassroots momentum!

Please attend this vibrant and energizing presentation from two local social justice heroes!

And as always, we’ll give you inside updates and action items!

SO JOIN US…and please, tell a friend! THIS WEDNESDAY, March 3, 6:30pm — we’ll send the link Wednesday morning!


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