2020 Colorado Caucus Results by County!

THANKS for attending the 2020 Caucus! Considering that our Caucus structure changed this year because we had the Presidential Primary last Tuesday, with our Caucus basing its delegate allocation on the US Senate candidate preference poll, caucuses in Boulder County ran quite smoothly! Several trainings prior to caucus were offered by the Boulder County Democratic Party — and if you noticed, Boulder County Dems and their rockstar volunteers provided some of the earliest result figures to the state. Longmont Area Democrats were happy to provide as much caucus and candidate info as we could leading up to this important opportunity for democracy. As long as we have it, we should use it — and many of you did — THANK YOU to EVERYONE who stepped up to be or return as Precinct Leaders and those that stepped up to be Delegates to Boulder County Assembly on Saturday, March 28!


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