Next LAD Meeting: Caucus 101 — Wednesday, Feb.5!

Caucus 101: Laying the Grassroots Groundwork for 2020 

Wednesday, February 5 • 6:30pm (meeting starts promptly at 6:45!)  Front Range Community College   Community Room

There’s a reason why LAD’s Caucus 101 is always so well attended: As area coordinators, precinct leaders, and supersite chairs — having attended meetings for weeks — we are your trusted source for all things having to do with the upcoming caucus on March 7. 

We’ll clear the confusion about what makes the 2020 Caucus different — especially with Colorado being a new Super Tuesday state with its Presidential Primary just days before caucus (March 3. Ballots start mailing to you February 10!). We’ll cover why it’s so important to attend caucus, and how it becomes the groundgame for sending Cory back to Yuma!

YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS EVENT! Please join us…and please bring a friend! Wednesday, February 5, 6:30pm, Front Range Community College, 2121 Miller Drive, Classroom building (east side of Miller Drive), Community Room. (Go in door C4, go left past the cafeteria, the Community Room is right across from the bathrooms)


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