2019 Pride Week Proclamation

Held at City Council Chambers on Tuesday night, June 11. Local activist, Ray Rodriguez, made this statement:

“We were showing up to support an amazing Longmont Pride Proclamation and Mardi decided to make me speak in front of other people. As Ann Noonan says, “speak your mind even when your voice shakes.” My brief trembling words were:

‘This isn’t your grandparents Longmont anymore.” This is what my friend Mardi says every time our community moves forward. Speaking of which I would like to honor my late grandfather Gene Maldonado from Longmont who served on D-Day in WWII. He fought for a safer world for all of us.

Creating a safer world is part of why we are here today. Today we are sending a message from our elected officials AND the community here with us. You might say, you are saving people. As a child that struggled with feeling safe at school and in the world, I have to tell you this means so much to that 15 year old Ray Rodriguez that was ready to stop fighting all the messages that I was not worthy.

Today, we get to send a message to our little big town that our community, especially our youth, are not just worthy but that we are enough. That’s worth celebrating.”

— Photo by Bob Norris

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