Contact your State Senators NOW!

JUST Scheduled: Colorado’s State Senators vote on the National Popular Vote Bill (SB19-042) THIS MONDAY, 1/28 at 10AM at our Capitol.

Nutshell: SB19-042 allows Colorado to sign on, with other states, to the National Popular Vote Compact. Meaning, we agree to give all of our electoral votes (9) in a Presidential election to the candidate who has the most popular votes in the country. (For example, if enough states had signed on to the compact in previous elections, we would have had Al Gore as our President, and Hillary Clinton as our President — Clinton’s margin was the highest in history for a candidate who won the popular vote, but not the electoral college.)

PLEASE CALL your State Senator in SUPPORT of this bill!

If you live in Longmont, your State Senator is Mike Foote (SD17), who along with State Reps Emily Sirota (HD9) and Jeni Arndt HD53), are sponsoring this bill.

If the bill does not get enough Senate votes, it is dead — and we don’t want that! The same bill can be introduced on the House side — BUT LET’S DO ALL WE CAN TO PASS IT NOW!

CONTACT all your friends in Colorado and ask them to call their State Senator, urging them to vote YES on SB19-042. (You can leave messages all weekend, too!)
State Senators contact info here.

Unsure what your Colorado State Senate District is? Go to, look up your voter registration, and click the “County & District Information” tab. Scroll down to find your State Senate District. (copy & paste this block for friends outside of Longmont!)

SHARE, TWEET, SHOW your support on social media!

National Popular Vote website, Colorado page, here.
A link describing the Colorado bill (and also to track bill’s progress), here.
Sylvia Bernstein gave a presentation at January’s LAD meeting. Sylvia’s recent editorial, here.


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