NEXT LAD Meeting: Wednesday, October 3!

WEDNESDAY: Know Your Ballot! 
Wednesday, October 3 • 6:30pm! • Front Range Community College • Community Room

IT COMES DOWN TO THIS!: All the months of withstanding the upside-down world of trump, the heartbreak of last week, and agony about what’s ahead — will be reckoned with

your vote.

We’re going to walk you through your ballot that will arrive mid-October, going through ballot recommendations (including a preview of the BCDP Voter Guide) as well as covering candidates on that part of your ballot that is sometimes neglected by voters — but just as important, NOW MORE THAN EVER.

And, just as we have for the last several months, you will have ACCESS to some of the candidates on your ballot, who will be in attendance to answer questions.

After this meeting, you’ll be more IN THE KNOW about your ballot than most people, so we’ll be asking you to share this information with everyone you know.

Our Democracy (and our sanity!) depends on it.

vote your whole ballot.

Join us…and please, bring a friend! THIS WEDNESDAY, October 3, 6:30pm, Front Range Community College, 2121 Miller Drive, Classroom Building (east side of Miller Drive), Community Room. (go in door C4, go left, past the cafeteria, Community Room is on the right across from the bathrooms.)


Bruce MacKinnon, The Chronicle Herald:

All Colorado elections are MAIL-IN BALLOT. YOURS WILL ARRIVE MID-OCTOBER. Go to to register to vote on any day (you’ll need ID), check your registration, or verify/change to your current address. Your address needs to be current by October 29 in order to receive your ballot in the mail, but you can go to any VSPC (Voter Service Polling Center) beginning October 22, and vote or register to vote in person (Bring ID). Save postage and drop your mail-in ballot at any VSPC in your county (and get an “I Voted” sticker. Wear that sticker to encourage others to vote. DO NOT mail your ballot after October 31 — it won’t get to the Clerk’s office in time). The sooner you drop off your ballot, the sooner the election calls will stop. Your main VSPC in Longmont is at 6th & Coffman with a 24-Hour Drop box available on October 15. Sign up for Ballot Track (text reminders of your ballot’s progress) or find more VSPCs listed at

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