Get Out the Vote (GOTV)

Recruit your kids, tell your friends, tell your neighbors…

Volunteer to hand out the Boulder County Democratic Party Voter Guide THIS WEEKEND, October 11-12, starting at 10am each day.

Unlike Republicans, Democrats and Independents often don’t vote in non-presidential elections. Just because things are going so well in Colorado (Democratic majority, civil unions, job growth, etc.) is no reason to be complacent. If we don’t Get Out The Vote (GOTV), we could lose our momentum and what we’ve worked so hard for!

ALL ELECTIONS IN COLORADO ARE MAIL IN BALLOT. You will receive your ballot NEXT WEEK.WE KNOW HOW GRASSROOTS IS DONE. Come be a part of this exciting GOTV effort! Here’s our strategy —

STEP ONE, VOTER GUIDE PROJECT LAUNCH, October 11–12, 10am and 1pm for group launches (but anytime works): Pick up walking lists and Voter Guides at Longmont GOTV HQ — Pat Davis’ house, 1709 Harvard St (17th and Harvard just west of Hover). 2 hours of your time. You’ve probably received the BCDP Voter Guide in the past, delivered to you by a fellow Dem. People look forward to getting this helpful guide, which encourages folks (plus makes it easy) to VOTE THE WHOLE BALLOT, lists all the Democratic candidates, recommendations on the ballot issues, as well as all pertinent voter information.
Our goal is to get all the voter guides out by the following weekend (October 18–19).

STEP TWO, BALLOT CHASE by phone: Meet at Pat’s house to phone bank during these times, to urge folks to turn in their ballot —
•10/22 (Wed) 5:00-8:00pm
•10/26  (Sun) 2:00-5:00pm
•10/30 (Thurs.) 5:00-8:00)

STEP THREE, VOTE NOTES on 11/1, 11/2 & 11/3: Pick up lists at Pat’s house. You’ll be taping reminder slips to doors telling folks that these are the FINAL DAYS to get their ballot in! (The last day to mail is October 30th, but you can drop off in person until Nov. 4, 7pm.)

If you’ve never done this before, we’ll walk you through it. You’ll meet great people and feel GOOD about doing your part, as well as massive appreciation from us and the folks whose door you knock on!

AREN’T YOU SICK OF THOSE ADS? Help us out…afterall, THIS is the exciting part of elections!


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