Support Immigrants Rights THIS Wednesday!

You’re invited to a Fundraiser House Party…

THIS Wednesday, July 9  5:30–7:30pm
at the home of Bob and Kathleen Norris: 532 Rider Ridge, Longmont

The time is NOW to end unjust deportations, and YOU can help us make this happen! Please join us for light appetizers and drinks and help us build a strong statewide campaign to keep immigrant families together.

(To read more about Colorado Immigrants Rights Coalition (CIRC), please scroll down)

If you support our cause, but are unable to attend the event, please consider making an online contribution at (write Longmont House Party in the notes) or send your donation to CIRC, 2525 W. Alameda Ave, Denver, CO 80219.

We look forward to seeing you THIS Wednesday, July 9th!

Here’s just some of the work CIRC has done:
CIRC dedicated two staff members for over three months to help flood victims by providing bilingual staff in areas where inadequate help has been available. We raised $30,000 which was handed out to flood victim families.

Our regional organizers have helped immigrants in detention and facing deportation.

CIRC holds “Know Your Rights” trainings on drivers license, wage theft, what to do if stopped by law enforcement, etc.

CIRC partnered with the County Sheriffs Association to rid Colorado of our “Show Me Your Papers Law” (SB-90). We have negotiated language to be given to sheriff and police departments as well as the community. This is keeping family members out of detention and from facing deportation.

CIRC met with attorneys from CU, DU and out of state to address detainers (48 hour holds). Fortunately, a federal court has declared them a violation of the fourth amendment and that sheriff departments can be sued (This has already happened in Arapahoe County resulting in a $30,000 settlement.) We are negotiating with sheriffs around the state regarding ICE access to immigrants. Sherriff Pelle has been an important part of these critical efforts.

Sonia Marquez just last week was able to get an immigrant who was being held illegally, out of jail.  The sheriff called her and apologized and said it will not happen again.

CIRC was fundamental to the passage of State Representative Jonathan Singer’s Income Protection Act which will reduce wage theft.

CIRC was a key player in the Drivers License for All Bill, the ASSET Bill (Instate Tuition), and several other important pieces of legislation. Over the last six years, CIRC helped defeat over one hundred anti immigrant and anti women’s rights bills.

CIRC is an important player on the national immigrant rights front. Our executive director sits on several national steering committees.

CIRC has been very successful in acquiring funding from national sources. Unfortunately, several of these will not be available next year, and that’s why we need your help!.  

Please consider making a contribution at (write Longmont House Party in the notes) or send your donation to CIRC, 2525 W. Alameda Ave, Denver, CO 80219.

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