Vic Meyers in Longmont THIS SUNDAY!

(It’s also Daylight Savings time, so BE SURE TO SET YOUR CLOCKS FORWARD Saturday night…)

Vic Meyers, candidate for the 4th Congressional seat, will be driving up from Trinidad to Longmont THIS SUNDAY to get to know each of YOU and tell you why he needs your support. (Some of you met Vic at the Truman Dinner or at the LAD Potluck last December.) Lots of money is pouring into our state to prevent good people like Vic from representing Colorado.

Don’t let outside money trump a great candidate. Come and see why Vic gets the needs and values of the people on the 4th congressional district. He’s stepping up for us and we need to step up for him.

9:00-10:30am, AMERICAN LEGION, 315 S. Bowen, Longmont. Please support the Legion by having one of their great breakfasts, and meet Vic, who is also a member!

11am–1:30pm, CAFE LUNA, 6th & Coffman, Longmont. Coffee and conversation with Vic.

2pm–4pm, LEFTHAND BREWERY, 1265 Boston Avenue, Longmont. Support a great local brewery, get to know, and ask questions of Vic.

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