What is Caucus? Caucus is the first step in our Party’s nomination process.  It is how we nominate Democratic candidates for elected office.  Registered voters in each political party attend separate, small meetings, or caucuses, in towns and neighborhoods across the state.

And it’s your first chance to be involved in what is a pretty crucial election year. How else can we be sure to give President Obama a Congress he can FINALLY work with the last couple of years he’ll be in office?

When is Caucus? THIS TUESDAY, Registration at 6:15pm, then Caucus is from 7-9pm. That’s it. The building has to be cleared at 9pm. Plenty of time to go home and watch Jimmy Fallon!

Why Do We Use the Caucus Process?
The Democratic Party needs some way to nominate candidates especially in races where more than one Democrat is running for the same elected position. In Boulder County we have some contested races (County Commissioner, County Surveyor, County Coroner). Some advantages of the caucus system over the primary system: more representative, allows an opportunity for neighbors to get together in person and discuss their nominees, increases party organization by allowing for the direct election of Precinct leaders, makes the election of precinct leaders transparent and available to more people, allows for direct input into the party’s platform.

You need to be registered to vote as of February 3rd of this year.
You need to be registered as a Democrat as of January 6th of this year.
You need to have resided in the precinct you wish to caucus in as of February 3rd of this year.

Look up your precinct here. Look up your caucus location here.
More detailed information on this page. (Thank you Boulder County Dems!)
And you can VOLUNTEER at caucus. Attend training tomorrow, Saturday, March 1, at Longmont Public Library, 9am. OR WATCH this handy powerpoint here.


PLEASE CONSIDER ATTENDING CAUCUS! We need your participation for a fully Democratic society!

THANKS for all that you do!


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