Thanks to all who attended…

…last night’s meeting. State Senator Matt Jones (SD17), State Representatives Mike Foote (HD12) and Jonathan Singer (HD11) gave us some insight on the bills they are working on, the priority being bills involving flood recovery, but also wage theft, affordable housing, electricity infrastructure, economic security, adult education funding, and clean energy.

It should be noted that real progressive progress is being made in the 120 days of the 2014 legislative session BECAUSE Democrats still have a majority in the Colorado State House and Senate. There is considerable time also devoted to blocking bad bills that are bad for Colorado, women’s rights and gun safety, etc.

Our thanks to Mike, Jonathan and Matt driving from the Capitol to our meeting last night, offering us an update and some insight into what we elected them to do!

If you’d like to track bills in the 2014 Legislative Session, use our handy widget to the right.

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