LAD Meeting TONIGHT, Wednesday, March 6 • 7pm

TONIGHT! WEDNESDAY • MARCH 6 • Front Range Community College, Community Room, 7pm

Remember all that door knocking and phone calling in November? Now that we have a MAJORITY in the State House and the State Senate, come to our next meeting, where we will have Rep. Jonathan Singer (HD11), Rep. Mike Foote (HD12) and State Senator Matt Jones (SD17) filling us in on the bills that are in process now.

THIS IS AN EXCITING TIME for progress. Gun Control. Civil Unions. Mandatory reporting of child abuse…Not to mention all the bills we haven’t heard of. Our Legislators need our support, feedback and participation. You’ll be able to ask questions about issues you are concerned about. Even if we disagree on the HOW of it, here’s an opportunity to one-on-one respectfully discuss the issues, so please join us! And please…bring a friend!

LAD Meeting: Wednesday, March 6 • Front Range Community College, Community Room • 7pm

(Off of Pike Road east of Hover, go in door #4, past the cafeteria, down the hall and the Community Room is on your right, across from the bathrooms.)

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