Thanks to all…

…who attended the Holiday Pot Luck last night. Lots of good food and fun to see everyone…We elected Marilyn Hughes as President, Bob Miller as Vice President, Richard Juday will continue on as Treasurer and I’ll gladly continue to serve as Secretary.

LAD celebrates its TENTH year in 2013, and Marilyn wants the year to be full of CELEBRATION (i.e.: fun), LEGISLATION (promoting the bills that our wonderful newly elected or re-elected legislators are working on) and ACTION (informing you of what’s up with important issues and what you can DO).

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  1. Charles Hanson

    Four great things.
    Congratulations to Marilyn, she will do a great job as Prez.
    Congratulations to Marisa for such a great looking LAD website.
    Congratulations to LAD for getting great Dem. candidates elected.
    And, everyone have a great 2013!

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