We have an incredible roster of GREAT candidates for this election. Look for your congressional, state house, and state senate districts on the list below.

MANY THANKS to these candidates for stepping up, speaking out, knocking on doors, and giving us Democrats the sacred possibility of citizen-oriented, hard-working, pro-democracy elected officials.

It will give President Obama a Congress he can WORK WITH, and a Colorado State House and Senate to DO THE WORK of Democracy and Citizen’s Rights! LET’S GET BACK OUR MAJORITY in Colorado’s State House — we lost it by only 200 votes in 2010.

And pay attention to the folks you voted for after this election. They’ll hear you, and benefit from your input. THAT’S HOW YOUR VOTE COUNTS.

President of the United States: BARACK OBAMA
US House of Representatives CD2: JARED POLIS
US House of Representatives CD4: BRANDON SHAFFER
State Board of Education CD2: ANGELIKA SCHROEDER
CU Regent at Large: STEVE LUDWIG
State Senate District 17: MATT JONES
State Senate District 18: ROLLIE HEATH
County Commissioner District 1: ELISE JONES
County Commissioner District 2: DEB GARDNER
(Remember, regardless of what County Commisioner District you live in, you vote for ALL Districts in this particular race.)
County District Attorney: STAN GARNETT
State House District 10: DICKEY LEE HULLINGHORST
State House District 11: JONATHAN SINGER
State House District 12: MIKE FOOTE
State House District 13: CLAIRE LEVY
State House District 33: DIANNE PRIMAVERA
RTD Board DistrictI (choose one): CHERYL HAUGER — OR — JUDY LUBOW

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