Our friends at Free Range Longmont are reporting an exciting new development in the protection of Longmont’s precious environment, and YOU can be involved! Sam Schabacker, of Food & Water Watch, and Peter Champe, along with others, have created a ballot issue committee called Our Health, Our Future, Our Longmont to drive a petition initiated by citizens to…wait for it…BAN FRACKING IN LONGMONT.

The press release, issued today, states, “If Successful, Longmont Would be the First Colorado City to Ban Fracking”.

Indeed, this did not happen overnight. It involved a keen awareness of a deregulated industry planting wells all over Colorado and expecting no questions asked. It involved tireless efforts on the part of LongmontROAR and many Longmont citizens and individuals living on properties about to get fracked, getting the word out, giving testimony at Longmont City Council meetings in the push to impose a moratorium, then extend it, gathering scientific data and research…simply put, a passionate vision of environmental protection and people-powered democracy in action.

There is much work to be done! You can contribute money, you can volunteer for this cause, and definitely sign the petition. Please visit for more information.

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