Boulder County Commissioner Candidate Forum

LAD is proud to host:

Boulder County Commissioner Candidate Forum

Wednesday, February 29


723 Main Street


Presented by the Boulder County Democratic Party’s Grassroots Action Team

Two of Boulder County’s three County Commissioners will be elected in November 2012. District 1 candidates are Garry Sanfaçon, Elise Jones, and Rich Lopez. District 2 candidates are Pete Salas and Deb Gardner. (Remember, regardless of the district you live in, in Boulder County, you vote for County Commissioner Candidates in both District 1 and 2.) For more information about the candidates, please visit the BCDP 2012 candidate page.   Questions will come from the audience. Now is your best chance to ask questions and hear from all the Democratic candidates, and get to know them before Caucus on March 6.

Please Attend Caucus NEXT TUESDAY, MARCH 6.

(click “got caucus?” for more caucus information)


DID YOU KNOW?: Your precinct number has changed, which means your caucus location might have changed as well. To look up your new precinct number, click here.

Then, once you’ve found your precinct number, find your caucus location on the BCDP website under “What’s Hot / Find Your March 6, 2012 Caucus Location Here!”

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