Take a Stand Against Fracking at Union Reservoir!

By John Bigger
President, Longmont Area Democrats

As many of you know, major oil interests have descended upon Longmont to take advantage of the hydrolic fracturing (fracking) “opportunities” available thanks to mineral rights below and adjacent to Union Reservoir. On Tuesday, November 15, a large group of concerned, passionate citizens presented their concerns to Longmont’s City Council. As large as this group of citizens is, it is not nearly large enough to fight the moneyed, big oil interests.

 We need YOUR help!


Get educated, get involved and get going, Longmont! 

  1. Get educated!

Learn the facts surrounding the many dangers inherent in the practice of hydrolic fracturing:



 Two documentaries you MUST see:

  1. Get involved!

Watch this space for announcements of events in theLongmontarea.

  1. Get going!

With big oil interests fighting to destroy our natural resources, there is no time to waste. Hoping for the best won’t cut it – we need your help!

Join us!


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