Support the New City Council

By John Bigger
President, Longmont Area Democrats

In the aftermath of another city election cycle, it is critical that we, as Longmont citizens, unite in support of our newly elected and existing city council members. Whether we like it or not, we aren’t going to agree on everything. In fact, many of us will find more disagreement than agreement with one another, but it’s this ideological diversity which allows a community to better serve the whole of its populace rather than catering only to any one faction. As Longmont continues to grow and become increasingly diversified, it will transform itself and provide an even greater variety of opportunities for citizens and business interests. Attempting to squelch diversity will only serve to further divide our community while contributing to the deterioration of Longmont’s ability to effectively serve the needs of its citizens.

Regardless of political persuasion or ideology, it is incumbent upon each of us to work together in the years ahead in order that we may better serve the whole of Longmont and to maximize its potential as a truly a great city!

To that end, we would like to extend our congratulations to the following candidates who earned election night victories on November 1:

  • Dennis Coombs, Mayor
  • Sarah Levison, At-Large
  • Brian Bagley, Ward 1
  • Bonnie Finley, Ward 3

Please join us in supporting these newly elected/re-elected public officials as well as current city council members Katie Witt, Alex Sammoury and Gabe Santos.

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