Happy Friday, October 14!

This is an exciting time: you’ve probably received your ballots for the upcoming election November 1, our Membership Drive lasts until November 30,  and great reports from Occupy Wall Street.


(If you have not received your mail-in ballot, contact the Boulder County Clerk at 303/413-7710)

Please be sure to mail your ballot no later than October 25. You can also drop off your ballot up until Tuesday, November 1 at the Boulder County Clerk’s Office, 529 Coffman, Longmont. The following hours are available during this election cycle.  Please bring ID:
October 17-21:  8am to 6 pm
October 24-25:  8am to 6pm
October 26-28:  8am to 6pm
October 29:  9am to 3pm (drive thru also available on 500 block of Terry St. during these hours)
October 31:  8am to 6pm (drive thru also available during these hours)
Nov 1 (ELECTION DAY):  7am to 7pm (drive thru also available during these hours)


If you’d like to join LAD, please contact our Treasurer, Richard Juday at: rjpol@prodigy.net Our Membership Drive special is $25 for programs for the rest of 2011and all of 2012 ($45 for dual memberships). (normal annual rate is $20 / $40 for dual membership)

To read our post about our Membership Drive please click here.


We rallied on Main Street on Monday, October 3, in support of the citizens peacefully and effectively protesting the corruption of Wall Street in New York City, and 27 people showed up here on 7th and Main Street in Longmont. Satellite rallies were taking place on that Monday in 53 cities across the US, including Denver. This week, on Monday, October 10, we rallied again and 110 people showed up! CBS4 did two reports, The Times-Call covered it as well, and the satellite rallies are now occurring in an estimated 1300 cities in the US.


And the Occupy Movement shows no sign of stopping. What does Occupy Wall Street mean to you? Whether it is overturning Citizens United, ensuring publicly financed campaigns, comprehensive immigration reform, universal healthcare, putting real security back into Social Security, protecting Medicare, protecting against voter suppression, or fortifying public education, one thing is clear about this movement: it’s real. It’s not propped up by Koch Brothers money, the Occupy movement’s true commodity is people power.

Please come rally in support of this historic movement this Monday, October 17, from 5-6:30 pm at 7th and Main. (We’ll open up 723 Main St. so you can gather and make signs around 4 pm.) Come to support democracy, the very best thing our country was founded upon. Come if you’ve been disillusioned, tired of working harder for less, or unable to find a job at all. Carry a sign you’ve made that speaks to what you believe this movement means. Come to speak to other committed individuals about truly participating. We aren’t a serious bunch — we can be quite fun actually — but we are serious about the country that we love.

See you there!

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