Thanks to all who attended!

We’d like to thank all who attended LAD’s “Know Your Ballot” meeting last week. We saw many of the familiar faces and a few new ones and are gratified that so many citizens showed up to learn more about ballot issues (2A and Prop 103) in the upcoming election (Nov. 1).

PLEASE VOTE! This election is important, and every vote counts. Along with 2A and Prop 103, Longmont will be deciding its Mayor, 3 city council seats (At-Large, Ward 1, Ward 3), School Board Candidates, and Term Limits for Boulder County Sheriff.

For more information about Prop 103, go to

For more information about Ballot Question 2A, go to

WE RECEIVED GREAT NEWS last night as it was decided by Boulder County Clerk Hillary Hall, after careful consideration and our county’s attorney looking over the written ruling, that mail-in ballots will be mailed afterall to voters designated as “inactive failed to vote” voters. You will recall that the original decision came from our Secretary of State Scott Gessler, to interpret a Colorado statute to mean that those who did not vote last year, would not get a mail-in ballot this year. A Denver County Clerk tried to send out ballots anyway, so Gessler filed an injunction. On October 7, a judge refused to issue the injunction, thus prompting Hall’s due diligence and ultimate decision to mail the ballots.


So please look for your ballot in the mail and we recommend mailing that ballot back no later than October 25. You can also drop off your ballot in person up until Election Day on November 1 at the Boulder County Clerk’s Office, 529 Coffman, Longmont. The following hours are available during this election cycle.  Please bring ID:
October 17-21:  8am to 6 pm
October 24-25:  8am to 6pm
October 26-28:  8am to 6pm
October 29:  9am to 3pm (drive thru also available on 500 block of Terry St. during these hours)
October 31:  8am to 6pm (drive thru also available during these hours)
Nov 1 (ELECTION DAY):  7am to 7pm (drive thru also available during these hours)

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  1. Even though I butchered the typing. Thanks! Gw2 Power Leveling

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