The title tells you our objective so we won’t mince words. But it’s also an opportunity to tell you how proud we are to have brought you the events of the last year. And it’s quite gratifying, knowing that those events were successful, well attended, informative and most importantly, energizing.

We live in difficult times, and it’s easy to get discouraged. Believe us when we say, ‘we’ve been there.’ But the thing that will ultimately embolden our great country is the strength of our people-powered democracy. A simple principle that has managed to stay true for 235 years, no matter the state of our economy, no matter how divisive issues will threaten to make us.

We believe the best way to counter that discouragement is to do SOMETHING. First, to be informed.
This year LAD brought you the documentaries Gasland, Inside Job, When Kids Get Life (with discussion lead by our State Representative Claire Levy-HD13, who has worked tirelessly in Colorado juvenile justice issues), 8: The Mormon Proposition, Daniel Ellsberg: The Most Dangerous Man in America, Freedom Song (with discussion lead by our own resident civil rights veteran Stider Benston), 9500 Liberty, and Playing for Change.

LAD is your source for one-on-one interaction with elected Party chairs as well as elected officials in our districts. We brought you Rick Palacio this year, newly elected chair of the Colorado Democratic Party. This was a unique opportunity and Rick was warm, gracious, stayed with us well into the evening, and didn’t shy from the tough questions. We presented a legislative roundup with candid inside stories from State Senator Brandon Shaffer (SD17) and Democratic Chief of Staff for the House, Paul Weissman, of what our elected officials deal with as they work in the trenches. Many LAD meetings are regularly attended by elected officials who are at the ready to answer questions, as well as allowing citizens to get to know them.

A few short weeks ago LAD brought you the 2011 Longmont City Council Candidates Forum.
Although a non partisan race, we will take every opportunity to support the principle of an informed citizenry. Well attended, the Forum was expertly moderated by John D’Amico, and gave Longmont citizens an opportunity hear candidates answer questions and articulate their stance on the issues.

Longmont is blessed to have an active grassroots network of concerned and involved individuals who never hesitate to roll up their sleeves for local and national causes. And they are effective. Longmont’s activist community is recognized as a source for how to get the job done. LAD is an important link to informing our citizens of what issues need immediate action. We have received unending support from the Boulder County Democrats who held their Annual Truman Dinner once again here in Longmont just last week. We were gratified and humbled that they were so generous in their support of us.

LAD’s history explains why our group thrives to this day. Created by then Boulder County Commissioner Ron Stewart and Eileen Penner in 2002, and originally named The Longmont Area Democratic Women, it soon grew in numbers and was renamed Longmont Area Democrats (LAD) in late 2003. LAD Members have gone on to be party chairs, elected officials, as well as playing an important role in working on — and winning with —  issues and candidates, thus making our community and our world a better place.

We love to see the familiar faces of members who have been with us from the beginning. And we offer our heartfelt thanks for your support.

Now is the time to broaden our Democratic Community.

We are enjoying an unprecedented growth of membership in the Longmont Area Democrats and we’d like to continue that trajectory. Fresh faces and new ideas are always welcome. We also hope that those who attend a meeting for the first time can feel listened to and that their voice is honored. Lively but respectful debate does not scare us, in fact it can be a catalyst for real progress and solutions.

Because frankly, it’s fun to learn how to register someone to vote. It’s encouraging to learn about a difficult issue and know that there are those right here in your neighborhood, with tools to help you get involved. It’s empowering to meet other intelligent, soulful, (not to mention fun!) critical thinkers who care deeply about our country, for they are the true patriots.

Please consider a membership with the Longmont Area Democrats.
Our Membership Drive special is $25 for programs for the rest of 2011and all of 2012 ($45 for dual memberships). (normal annual rate is $20 / $40 for dual membership)

Quite the bargain!


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  1. Andrea

    I don’t see any information on this site as to how to actually join.

  2. Marisa Dirks

    If you’d like a membership to Longmont Area Democrats, please contact our Treasurer, Richard Juday at: rjpol@prodigy.net

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