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– By John Bigger, President, Longmont Area Democrats

Longmont City Council/Mayoral Candidate Forum

Just a reminder that the candidate forum will be taking place on Wednesday, September 7 at 6:30 pm and will be held at 723 Main St. We are in the process of amassing questions for candidates from a variety of sources and we welcome your submissions. Please send questions that you would like to ask candidates directly to me for consideration.

LAD Booth at the Longmont Farmer’s Market

Beginning on Saturday, July 27, the Longmont Area Dems will host a booth at the Longmont Farmer’s Market. We’ll be distributing literature, recruiting members and basically spreading the LAD vibe. Please feel free to drop by and say hi.

Mike Foote Announces CO HD12 Bid

On Thursday, Mike Foote formerly announced his candidacy for the CO HD12 seat, currently occupied by Matt Jones (who is running for the CO Senate district 17 seat). You can learn more about Mike by visiting his official site:

I’ve met with Mike a few times and I am quite impressed by his experience, energy and leadership potential. As a Deputy District Attorney under Stan Garnett, Mike has prosecuted a number of high profile cases in Boulder since 2004 and has been a key to the success of the Boulder DA’s office.  He has been especially successful in prosecuting white collar criminal cases.

A resident of Lafayette, Mike spends a significant amount of time in Longmont getting to know the community and its needs. In fact, I bumped into Mike and his family this evening at Longmont’s Festival on Main St.

CO State Reapportionment Hearings Continue

Speaking of house districts, the next CO Reapportionment Commission hearing will take place on September 1 at 6:00pm in Broomfield at the Broomfield City and County Building(1 DesCombes Drive) and this will be your last chance to voice your concerns to the commission in person.

If you can’t make it to the September 1 meeting, you can email the committee at to voice your concern over the currently proposed district mapping (6001).

Protesters Outnumber Right Wing Rally Attendees

This past Wednesday, the anti-Obama/anti-Dem organization “Americans for Prosperity” ambled into town and set up shop at the Boulder County Fairgrounds, attracting twenty or so vaguely interested individuals who passively listened to the usual fear-driven turgidity.

Also in attendance were approximately fifty progressives who showed up in force with signs and energetic lungs and proceeded to drown out what little enthusiasm had managed to dribble its way into the picnic shelters.

The signature “Americans for Prosperity” bus, expected to arrive at some point during the “event”, was a no-show. Rumor has it that it collapsed under the weight of its own artillery of half-truths, hypocrisy and comb-over cream, but this has not been confirmed.

Tax-Happy Republicans?

As you’ve likely heard, Congressional Republicans have recently spoken out against extending the payroll tax cuts, claiming that said cuts have done little for the economy and do not represent the sort of “economic stimulus” that is so desperately needed to right the country’s economic ship. In fact, Paul Ryan, a previous ardent supporter of these very same payroll tax cuts (twice!) during the Bush years, now dismisses the cuts as nothing more than a “sugar high” for American workers. This is the same guy who, along with his fellow Republicans on The Hill, claimed that the very same payroll tax cuts would provide the country with much needed economic stimulus in 2001 and 2008.


Meanwhile, if you will recall, it was these same Republicans who argued that last year’s extension of the Bush’s tax cuts was absolutely critical for this nation’s economic recovery. You should expect to see the same fight at the end of this year as the Republicans go to bat for yet another extension of the Bush tax cuts – those cuts which have served this economy so well since their implementation.


Until next time…

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” 

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