LAD Supports Wisconsin Union Workers’ Rights

On Tuesday, March 15, Longmont Democrats and Progressives joined thousands of activists across the nation to demonstrate for the rights of the oppressed union workers in Wisconsin. The local demonstration was held at 6th and Main and was comprised of 50 spirited individuals seeking to make their voices known and to stand up for those whose collective bargaining rights were forcibly stripped by Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker and his fellow Republicans in the Wisconsin state House and Senate.


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  1. Marisa

    It was such great energy and many new faces I hadn’t seen at events before. Special thanks to Kathy and Jim and everyone for getting the word out and everyone from the tribe that showed up. Lots of very nice people who “get” democracy, lots of cars honking in support!

  2. Ken Bonetti

    Hi Folks,
    Please spread the word.

    An activist acquaintance of mine is planning to demonstrate today at a busy Evergreen, CO intersection to help set the record straight on the peril we all face from nuclear power (see press release below). With the Obama Administration callously ignoring the implications of the ongoing nuclear Japanese disaster and blithely forging ahead with an ill-conceived nuclear energy policy, including a proposed $36 billion subsidy for new nukes, it is imperative that Americans let their representatives at the federal and state levels know that this dangerous and unnecessary industry should not be further subsidize and instead should shut down as soon as possible. Remember, there is NO SAFE LEVEL OF RADIATION EXPOSURE, no matter how minute.

    Also in Colorado, the Pueblo County Commissioners are considering a 24,000 acre re-zoning proposal from a developer to facilitate construction of a new nuclear plant near Pueblo. This incredibly bad proposal must be nipped in the bud. This is a statewide issue, not just county specific. Call the Pueblo Commissions to voice your opposition now. See article in Pueblo Chieftain:

    Hopefully, there will be big anti-nuke demonstrations organized by national groups, but in the meantime people can do small street demonstrations such as the one in Evergreen to alert the public to the very real perils posed by this dangerous and dirty industry.

    Government Representative Contact Information:

    Senator Mark Udall online email:
    Coloradans, call toll-free:
    (303) 650-7820-Denver office
    877-7-MUDALL (877-768-3255)-DC office

    Senator Michael Bennett online email:
    (303) 455-7600-Denver office
    (202) 224-5852-DC office

    Representative Jarid Polis online email:
    (303) 484-9596-Boulder office
    (202) 225-2161-DC office

    Pueblo County Commissioners:
    John B. Cordova
    (719) 583-6538

    Anthony Nunez
    (719) 583-6536
    FAX: (719) 583-4908

    Jeff Chostner
    (719) 583-6537
    FAX: (719) 583-6701


    Statement by Bill Sperry, 303-674-1629,

    Bill was active in leading and organizing the successful Colorado protests to shut down the Ft. St. Vrain Nuclear Power Plant near Windsor , Colorado and the Atomic Bomb plant at Rocky Flats between Golden and Boulder , Colorado . His efforts with many others like him have made Colorado and the world a safer place.

    “Don’t believe the spin of the nuclear industry. There is no safe amount of radiation. Natural background radiation causes thousands of cancer deaths yearly. Any additional amount of radiation increases the numbers of cancer deaths. Let’s not throw out common sense in our response to this serious crisis in Japan . That is what got us into the nuclear nightmare in the first place.”

    “Radioactive materials from nuclear power plants last for thousands of years. This requires absolute error free safety for millennia to prevent release of radiation. Most humans cannot be error free for even a couple of days let alone millennia. Natural disasters compound human error.”

    “Right now, here in Colorado , the Pueblo County Commissioners have a plan to rezone 24,000 acres to build another nuclear power complex in Colorado . This must be defeated immediately.”

    “The disaster in Japan is unprecedented. There are 4 nuclear plants releasing radiation right now with 2 more nuclear power plants about to explode as well. Compounding the nuclear nightmare is the fatal design flaw of storing the spent fuel rods with the actual nuclear reactor. Those spent rods contain more dangerous radiation than the nuclear core itself. Unit #4’s spent fuel rods are now burning and releasing radiation. Units 2 and 3 have cracked and have radiation leaking cores. General Electric built the Japan plants and 23 nuclear plants in the United States with the same fatal design.”

    “On Wednesday a nuclear expert spokeswoman said Japan ’s accident was not as serious as Chernobyl because Chernobyl did not have a containment building over the reactor core which would only allow some radiation to escape. At the time of her statement 4 of the containment buildings had already been destroyed by explosions. Let’s not throw out common sense. Nuclear radiation is not safe.”

    “This is the same nuclear propaganda the nuclear industry has always used to deceive the public. The Rocky Flats Atomic Bomb Plant said there were no large amounts of radiation since the plant only made nuclear triggers. The truth was it takes an Atomic Bomb to set off the even more dangerous Hydrogen Bomb. The nuclear industry spin was: they are only little triggers with no unsafe radiation.”

    “The Ft. Saint Vrain Nuclear Power Plant near Windsor , Colorado was the only United States nuclear facility to use plutonium fuel rods which can be made directly into an atomic bomb by a terrorist without reprocessing. Yet the nuclear experts said it was safe. When the nuclear plant was decommissioned Colorado electric rates went down making Colorado and the world not only safer but benefiting electric users as well.”

    “I urge people from Colorado , the United States and all around the world to demonstrate and demand that all governments shut down all nuclear power plants now. There is no safe amount of radiation.”