Udall and Bennet in Longmont Friday and More

Breaking News in Longmont:

Have, your friends been asking you how to vote?  All of those state and local intiatives seem like a bingo game gone wrong.  I just tell them “anything with a letter is likely better.”  

If that doesn’t work, the Boulder County Dems have an online Voter Guide:

In this email:
1.) Bennet and Udall in Longmont Friday
2.) Volunteer Opportunities for the Election
3.) Thoughts for Council Member Doug Brown

1.) Bennet and Udall in Longmont Friday

Nita Lynch sent me this email earlier today.  She will have the great fortune of getting to introduce our Senator Friday afternoon at 723!

This will likely be our last chance to send Senator Bennet off with our good wishes and enthusiasm.  Please come out during your lunch hour in Longmont and show him the big support that he has in Longmont!
This is not a fundraiser but is a chance to chat with him and show him that we are in this battle with him to the very end.  The race is truly neck and neck and Michael has picked up valuable polling points in the last few weeks.  Our calls and door knocking are making a difference.  He needs every one of us out there.
Nita Lynch
Bennet for Colorado

Your Vote Decides Bus Tour
with Sen. Michael Bennet

In Longmont with special guest
Sen. Mark Udall

Michael Bennet and supporters
Support Michael just days before the general election.

Friday, October 29
11:15 a.m.

Bennet Field Office
723 Main Street
Longmont, Colorado

Click here to RSVP now.

RSVP offline to:
Andrew Jiang at Jiang@BennetForColorado.com or 303-433-0022.

You don’t need to RSVP, but it helps us plan. Click here to RSVP online right now.

2.) Volunteer Opportunities for the Election (poll checkers needed):  Now!!!!

If you are interested in being a Poll Checker for the election, Candace Bowie has asked for help.

A poll checker is one or more person from your precinct who receives credentials from BCDP/County Clerk to be inside your precinct polling place and see the slips of paper that the Election Judges keep as people vote, and to use these slips to check off who has voted.
It’s about getting one more vote, then one more and one more until 7pm Nov 2!
Email Candace Bowie at field@bouldercountydems.org if you are interested in helping on Election Day

– Congresswoman Betsy Markey and Senator Michael Bennet:
Could use your help!  Recent polls have them tied with their opponents.
You can help contact voters any day between 10am-8pm at 723 Main St.
Call 303-249-4105 or email Emily Katsimpalis emily.katsimpalis@gmail.com  or

Call 720-628-6492 or email Brittany Wirth bwirth@counited2010.com
to find out more.

– HD 11 Candidate Deb Gardner:
Is hanging door hangers left and right.  Don’t leave her hanging in the wind …
You can join her at 723 Main St for voter outreach efforts.
Call 303-579-1042 or email deb@debgardner.net for details.
3.) Thoughts for Council Member Doug Brown
Many of you have spent a lot of time with former Council Member Doug Brown and his wife Mary. 
He has served on numerous boards and commissions while working hard to protect Longmont’s environment
There recently was a great Times Call article about his life and his battle with Stage IV Cancer

Recently his health has taken a turn for the worse and will likely being going to Hospice Care soon.

Council Member Brown interviewed me for a vacancy on the Planning and Zoning Commission several years ago.
I was lucky enough to be appointed.  I was in my mid-twenties at the time and a little nervous about working with people twice my age.  Knowing I had Council Member Brown’s support encouraged me to keep speaking my mind and get more involved in local government.   

Send Doug and Mary your thoughts here:

Doug Brown & Mary Nell Brown
1448 Hilltop Dr
Longmont, CO 80504-3011
(303) 772-4312

The last day to early vote is Friday !!!!
A reminder of Early Voting locations and times in Longmont:
County Clerk’s Office: 529 Coffman St.
Twin Peaks Mall: 1250 Hover Rd.
Through Friday, October 29: 8am-6pm

Keep up the great work LADers.  6 days until the election (and fewer emails).


Jonathan Singer
President – Longmont Area Democrats

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