Susan Dagget on Sunday Michael Bennet on Tuesday

Another Exciting Week in Longmont

This Friday we had the great opportunity to see Andrew Romanoff help boost some great candidates including:
– Robert “BC” Bishop-Cotner for CU Board of Regents (CD4)
– Melissa Hart for CU Board of Regents (at-large)
– Angelika Schroeder for State Board of Education  (CD2)

Don’t forget to tell your friends to vote all the way down the ballot!

Also, this week we will continue to bring great candidates to Longmont.


Coffee with Susan Daggett Sunday Oct. 10th

What: Meet and Greet with Michael Bennet’s wife Susan Daggett
When: Sunday, October 10th at 9:30-10am
Where: Longmont Democratic Office, 723 Main St.

Join us for coffee with Susan Daggett, Michael Bennet’s wife and #1 Fan. Susan will answer questions and rally the crowd as we head into the last 3 weeks before the midterm elections. 
Please join us at the Boulder County Democrats Longmont Headquarters 723 Mani Street, Longmont.
Bennet for Colorado!

Meet and Greet with Senator Michael Bennet  Oct. 12th

What: Meet and Greet Senator Michael Bennet.
When: Tuesday, Oct 12th at 2:15-2:45pm
Where: Ziggi’s Coffee House, 400 Main St.
How: Please RSVP by replying to

Michael has chosen Longmont as one of his places to visit in his tour around Colorado next week!
Please come and meet Michael in a small setting, get a chance to ask questions and see Michael’s common sense solutions to problems that are affecting Coloradans.

We have a clear choice in this election, Ken Buck with his extreme positions or Michael who is working hard to change Washington and to get things done in spite of roadblocks that are hurting all of us.

Michael is a “new face” in Washington and we need to keep him there.

A Special Note:
Republicans have been accused of abandoning the poor. It’s the other way around. They never vote for us.” – Dan Quayle

Voter Guides are flying out the Office and onto the front doors of people rich and poor alike, but we still need your help.  In 2008, there were 100 volunteers for every voter.  This year, the numbers have flipped.  The issues have not changed.  So let’s get out there and VOLUNTEER: http://www.

The Next 3 weeks  days will determine the next 10 years. With Congressional Redistricting in Republican sights, a Republican win in 2010 would change the face of Colorado Politics until 2020!
If you want a better Colorado, you can help Democrats win by volunteering at 723 Main St. (open every day 10am to 9pm) or calling 303-772-8819.
Click on this link:
http://www. org/2010/10/03/how-you-can-help-democrats/ to learn more.

Mid-term Elections are like mid-term tests.  If you fail your mid-term test, you will probably fail the class.  If we fail the mid-term elections, we will fail to see a progressive future.

Democrats have just started to show what they can do.  We are no longer losing 750,000 jobs a month and health care has been expanded to millions more children – all while cutting taxes.  I’m not ready to turn my back on these gains, I want to keep moving our country forward!  Help me out if you’re ready for a better future

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