Next LAD Meeting October 6th: Romanoff and Markey in Longmont this Week!

Longmont Politics in Full Swing

1) Next LAD Monthly Meeting – 10/6 at 7pm

2) Betsy Markey at 723 Main St – 10/7 at 4pm

3) Andrew Romanoff at 723 Main St – 10/8  6-8pm

1) Next LAD Monthly Meeting – 10/6 at 7pm

What: Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Three –     Learn more about how Ballot Issues 60,61,and 101 will hurt our State by killing 70,000 jobs, cutting 8,000 teachers, and messing with our Constitution.

Who: Rich Jones, Director of Policy and Research from the Bell Policy Center

Where: 723 Main St.

When: Wednesday , October 6th at 7:00pm.

Why: In many ways, it won’t matter who gets elected in Colorado if Ballot Issues 60, 61, and 101 pass.  The state will have no discretion for any funding.  Please take some time to learn about these issues.
Can’t make it?  Go to to learn more.

2) Betsy Markey at 723 Main St – 10/7 at 4pm

What: Come Canvass with Betsy Markey

Who: You and Betsy Markey

Where: 723 Main St.

When: Thursday Octobter 7th at 4pm

Why: After voting for Health Care Reform and Global Warming Legislation, Betsy Markey finds herself in a dead heat with her opponent.  Stop by and help her out.

3) Andrew Romanoff at 723 Main St – 10/8  6-8pm

What: Fundraiser for Education Candidates in Longmont

Who: Come see Andrew Romanoff and meet: 
– Robert “BC” Bishop-Cotner for CU Board of Regents (CD4)
– Melissa Hart for CU Board of Regents (at-large)
– Angelika Schroeder for State Board of Education  (CD2)

Where: 723 Main St.

When: Friday October 8th from 6-8pm

Details: Please RSVP to Shari Malloy at if you can.  $25.00 recommended donation (no one will be turned away for lack of funds).

A Special Note:

The Next 30 days will determine the next 10 years. With Congressional Redistricting in Republican sights, a Republican win in 2010 would change the face of Colorado Politics until 2020!

If you want a better Colorado, you can help Democrats win by volunteering at 723 Main St. or calling 303-772-8819.
Click on this link: to learn more.

Mid-term Elections are like mid-term tests.  If you fail your mid-term test, you will probably fail the class.  If we fail the mid-term elections, we will fail to see a progressive future.

Democrats have just started to show what they can do.  We are no longer losing 750,000 jobs a month and health care has been expanded to millions more children – all while cutting taxes.  I’m not ready to turn my back on these gains, I want to keep moving our country forward!  Help me out if you’re ready for a better future

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