Too Bad You Can’t Go to Caucus (Longmont Area Dems Update)

“Too bad you can’t go to caucus for (insert candidate name here)”

That’s what you’ll be hearing if you have moved since the last election and have not updated your voter registration.


1) Voter Registration Deadline Looms

2) Betsy Markey in Longmont Tomorrow (Sat. 1/16)

3) Other Events

4)  Senator Kennedy’s former Senate seat is in danger of going to a Republican


Affiliation Deadline Looming for Caucus Attendees
Due to Holiday Tuesday, January 19th
Last Day to Affiliate before Caucus

In 2008, the Colorado Democratic Party saw a huge surge of voters attending Caucus for the first time to help elect our President Barack Obama. With the 2010 Caucuses weeks away, Pat Waak, Colorado Democratic Party Chair released the following statement:

“We are encouraging voters across the state to attend their caucus this year and have their voices heard at the grassroots level. Caucus is the very first step in our democratic process where average citizens can talk with their neighbors about who they want to lead our party and our state.”

Voters who will  attend Caucus this year on Tuesday, March 16th need to be affiliated with the Democratic Party by Tuesday, January 19, 2010 to participate. Due to the Martin Luther King holiday voters have an extra day to affiliate.

If you live in Boulder County, you can go to:

Weld County:

to check your voter registration and update your info.


Betsy Markey in Longmont

What: Markey’s “Coffee on Your Corner”

When: 9 to 10:30 a.m. Saturday 1/16/10

Where: Buzz Coffee, 1139 Francis St.


Other Events:

When: Jan 16, 7pm

What: Andrew Romanoff House Party Fundraiser
Hosted by John Bigger, Judy Bigger and Shari Malloy

RSVP: By email: Please RSVP as soon as possible

Where: 810 Megan Ct., Longmont

When: JANUARY 27, Wednesday 6pm

What: Screening of the Documentary “Papers”

Where: Vance Brand Auditorium (Skyline High School, Longmont)

When: FEBRUARY 13, Saturday (Registration starts at 11:30)

What: Building to Be The Change
Conference covering Healthcare, Climate Change and Ending Corporate Personhood, among other topics.

Where: First Plymouth Congregational Church, Englewood
For more information:


Senator Kennedy’s former Senate seat is in Danger

Did you know that people in Massachusetts are voting on Tuesday?

Many of you may not be aware that I grew up in Massachusetts.  I learned about the values of community and hard work in towns like Dedham and Brookline.

On a class field trip to the JFK Library, I was inspired by the unfettered optimism of the Kennedy family.

Although I now live in Colorado, I continue to believe in the idea that we all have to pitch in to make our country great.

Martha Coakley embodies these values.   I believe in working hard to protect our nation’s children.  Under Martha Coakley’s work as a County DA, the Child Abuse Protection Unit continued to serve as a national model for prosecution of crimes against children.

So many others from outside of the Commonwealth have decided to fund her opponent, therefore I feel like I can’t just sit by and do nothing.  Republicans think they can shut down the Senate with just one more vote.  If her opponent wins what else will happen?  I don’t want to see the Party of Pat Robertson and Rush Limaugh gain a foothold anywhere.

You can Donate at or go

to to help her and the United States Senate protect the values of peace, populism, and prosperity for all.

Best Wishes,

Jonathan Singer

President LAD

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