November LAD Meeting

Next LAD Meeting

What:  Get ready for our annual reorganization. Come with your ideas and
suggestions for LAD’s role in 2010 and beyond.  We will present a list of
nominees for 2010 Officers.  Nominations can be made from the floor as well.

When: Weds Nov. 4, 2009 at 7pm

Where: Front Range Community College (Community Room)

Why: In 2010 we will have primaries (you know who), as well as the hopeful
reelection of a Democratic Governor (Bill Ritter) , Congress (Betsy Markey /
Jared Polis) US Senator (TBD),  State House (TBD
and Deb Gardner), Secretary of State (Bernie Buescher), and more!
That’s a lot of Democrats who will need a lot of help.  And guess whose help
they need?  Not Marylin Musgrave’s (this year)!

Don’t forget that December 2nd is our annual holiday potluck.

Start thinking about showing off those wonderful cooking and eating skills.  We are
attempting to get a great keynote speaker (hint: name rhymes with Betsy

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