Should The Longmont Area Dems Endorse the Employee Free Choice Act?

The LAD has been asked to Endorse the Employee Free Choice Act.

Members are asked to weigh in this subject at our monthly meeting.  Feel free to bring your ideas, questions, and opinions on this blog, or at Front Range Community College on May 6.

Here is the langauge below:


WHEREAS:  Our economy is in shambles and working people are struggling to make ends meet while bankers and failed financial institutions are being bailed out at tax-payer expense.

WHEREAS: Unions have historically been one of the few legal and democratic vehicles for workers to advocate for better wages, benefits, and working conditions.

WHEREAS: According to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, unionization raises wages for minority women more than education, seniority, and job training combined.

WHEREAS: Workers who belong to unions earn, on average, 30% more than nonunion workers and over half of all Americans say they would join a union today if they had a fair chance.

WHEREAS: Every 23 minutes a worker in the U.S. if fired or otherwise discriminated against for trying to form a union and during organizing drives, 91% of employers force their employees to attend mandatory closed-door anti-union meetings on paid company time.

WHEREAS: In 2005 alone, over 30,000 workers received back pay from employers that illegally fired, coerced, bribed, or otherwise discriminated against them for their union activities.

AND WHEREAS: Under our broken labor laws, penalties against Employers who engage in anti-union activity is minimal and in 2005 the median time between the resolution of an unfair labor practice charge against an Employer was 659 days.

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED THAT: We, the undersigned organization, urge our Colorado decision-makers to support the Employee Free Choice Act as the most significant and necessary piece of labor legislation since the National Labor Relations Act of 1935.  This is a historic opportunity to restore balance in the workplace and protect the right of Colorado workers to pursue the American Dream.


Officer’s Signature:_________________________________________________


Furthermore, I am willing to: (please check all that apply)

____Write a personal letter to the Senator ____Write a letter to the Editor

____Speak publicly on this issue to the media ____Join a delegation to lobby decision makers on EFCA

____Come to rallies or demonstrations in support of EFCA

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