LAD Monthly Meeting 4/1/09: Progressive Opportunities Plentiful in Longmont (No Foolin’)

What: Longmont Area Democrats Monthly Meeting

When: Wednesday April 1st (April Fool’s Day) at 7pm

Where: Front Range Community College – Community Room

2190 Miller Drive click here for a map.


1.) Get a chance to see how well Longmont and Boulder County performed in the 2008 election with an excellent slide show from the Boulder County Democratic Party that explains the numbers behind the people.  Everyone who knocked on a door or made a phone call should love to see this.

2.) Do you ever feel like your email is a bit of an alphabet soup? Who can tell the difference between LAD, BCDP, OFA, LCJD, PDA, PDC, and numerous other Democratic and Progressive Organizations in Longmont and Colorado?

Please join the Longmont Area Democrats in a forum where Leaders from some of these groups will discuss who they are, what they have done, what you can do to help them.

3.) Snacks.  Feel free to bring snacky food and drink to share.

Who: Boulder County Democratic Party President Joel Davidow,

Progressive Democrats of America – Longmont Chapter Organizer Kathy Partridge and Ira Chernus CD4 Point Person,

Longmont Organizing for America – Leadership Team Member Nita Lynch,

Longmont Citizens for Justice and Democracy – Organizer Strider Benston

Note: There are plenty of other Liberal / Democratic / Progessive / Left-Leaning Organizations including Move On, Sierra Club, ACLU, Transition Longmont, and many others.  However we decided to end the LAD meeting the same same night we started it.   If you would like to see one of the these groups represented at another LAD meeting please email me at

Also if you wish to make a 1-2 minute announcement about an upcoming event or issue at the LAD meeting please contact me ahead of time.


Jonathan Singer

Longmont Area Democrats President

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