Longmont Area Democrats Monthly Meeting February 4

Will Longmont Get Commuter Rail or The Shaft?

The RTD is likley to decide the fate of FasTracks in Longmont this March.  Will our tax dollars go to waste?

Please join the Longmont Area Democrats for an engaging forum with experts and elected leaders at Front Range Community College on February 4, 2009.


Colorado Senate Majority Leader Brandon Shaffer

Longmont Mayor Roger Lange

Longmont Transportation DIrector Phil Greenwald


Front Range Community College 2190 Miller Drive (off of Pike and Hover) in the Community Room



7pm to 9pm


Our speakers will describe the most recent FasTracks developments and provide answers to audience questions.


In 2004 many Longmont residents gathered signatures, voted, and paid taxes ever since to bring a rapid transit line to our city (myself included).  Now the RTD is thinking about reneging on that deal.

1) Learn about the issues.

2) Ask questions of our experts and leaders.

3) Learn about what YOU can do to make sure Longmont residents get what they paid for.


Note: Become part of the solution for only $15.00!

LAD meetings are free and open to the public.  Bring a friend!  But we do have to pay Front Range Community College for the space.  Annual memberships are only $15.00.  Join up on February 4!

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